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Serve Winery

The vineyard is scattered in several plots a few kilometers away from the winery, each variety finding its rightful place, depending on the slope of the hill and sun exposure. So the red varieties are planted where the slopes are the steepest and the most calcareous soils, beneficial influences for the grapes, resulting in well-ripened fruits, full of aromas and juicy; white varieties, on the other hand, are located in the coolest areas of the plantations, so that they can retain the acidity that makes the wines cheerful and refreshing.

Today the winery owns and exploits 65 hectares of vines in Dealu Mare, with an average age of 15 years. As lovers have always known, SERVE wines transpose the “terroir” into our glasses.

Facilities: winery tour, visit the vineyard, wine tasting and bicycle trips

Distance from Bucharest: 90 km

Tastings: from 50 lei/pax

Guests can get a discount on their wine purchase equal to the value of the tasting package