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Purcari Winery

Château Purcari is located in a pitoresque area in the south-east of Moldova, just 90 km from the Black Sea and 2.5 km from Dniester River. Here you will find the legendary Purcari cellars, remaining
unchanged since 1827, keeping the wealth of the country – the famous collection of ancient Purcari wines.

At the Château, great wines naturally meet with great gastronomic experiences. The amateurs of
European cuisine will appreciate the specialties of the chef, and those who prefer Moldovan cuisine will
be able to enjoy the traditional masterpieces.

Facilities: wine tours and tasting, accommodation in Chateau Purcari, lunch, dinner, photo session, grape picking, blind tasting, wine blending, bicycle competitions, sport competitions, paintball, archery.

Distance from Bucharest: 520 km

Tastings: from 75 lei/pax