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Wine Trips Romania – Oenological tourism receives the attention it deserves

There is a lot of talk about oenological tourism, especially near autumn when we pay more attention to short vacations, possibly near home. In English we call them wine trips and in Romanian they would correctly be getaways to Romanian wineries. It is not a new concept and certainly many European countries have sensed the huge potential of wine tourism, however in our country only now are timid attempts to promote the regions and wineries with tradition.

Wine Trips Romania is the project that focuses exclusively on the discovery of the welcoming wineries in our country and in the Republic of Moldova.

I was saying that oenological tourism is not necessarily a novelty, but the moment of the appearance of a project that offers complete services is certainly opportune. By organizing tours or excursions to wineries in small groups, social distance can be managed much better, while ensuring a well-deserved educational break in little-known regions of our country. It is the ideal opportunity to discover the hidden beauties of Romania through guided tours with professionals who have dedicated their time to exploring and deepening this oenological culture.

Wine Trips Romania addresses a wide range of audiences, proof that the discovery of wine does not necessarily require a certain age or professional training. Thus, trips can be organized for friends or as part of extensive corporate events, family trips, tours for connoisseurs or novices, but also for those who choose to be tourists in their country, to deepen their knowledge about wine in private tastings under the guidance of a sommelier or any other concept that is suitable, especially during this period, for spending time outdoors.

Because caution and responsibility towards others now prevail more than ever, the recommendation is that plans for such a trip be made at least 15 days in advance, possibly by consulting with the organizers at Travel from Bucharest to the winery is provided by properly equipped minibuses and depending on the package chosen you can be accompanied on the road by a guide or a sommelier. We remind you that in addition to the extensive professional training in understanding the secrets of wine and its preparation, a sommelier is an important representative of hospitality that will add flavor to a recreational trip. At the end of the road, in addition to the spectacular landscape offered by nature, the tasting of three to ten wines accompanied by the right snacks and, obviously, local specialties awaits you. The hosts of each winery will take you delicately on a journey of discovery of this liqueur, from picking, fermenting and bottling, for at least two hours.

Wine Trips Romania offers a wide range of activities that can complete the tour of the winery, which is why trips of this kind are very suitable for teambuilding. Among these activities we mention:

– The possibility of preparing your own blend under the guidance of a specialist;

– Team sports activities, picnic or brunch in the vineyard, concerts and outdoor parties, themed parties;

– tastings, workshops or cooking and pairing competitions, live cooking shows;

– personalization of wine bottles, DIY gifts for loved ones and obviously priceless memories.

Our country has special wine-growing areas, the identity of each being reflected by the complexity of the wine produced: Maramureș, Crișana, Banat, Transylvania, Bucovina, Moldova, Dobrogea, Oltenia and Muntenia. Also, Wine Trips aims to explore through these tours the potential of a traditional industry in the neighboring country by organizing trips to the Republic of Moldova.

Therefore, the discovery of our country can coincide with quality time spent with family or colleagues in a setting that can compete with renowned wine regions in other European countries. If this is the period that discourages mass tourism, trips to the winery can be unique periods of respite, so necessary for disconnection from daily stress.

Wine Trips Romania is a project of Buzz Events brand, agency for organizing corporate, private events, product launches, teambuildings and conferences.

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