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Avincis Winery

AVINCIS is the symbol of rebirth of the Romanian wine, under the sign of tradition and modernity. This is what AVINCIS means for Valeriu and Cristiana Stoica and for their daughter Andreea Micu, who have decided to give a new life to the family’s vineyard situated in the sub-Carpathian region, at the gates of the monasteries in the north of Oltenia.

The VILA DOBRUSA estate, the home of the AVINCIS winery, which opened its gates to wine lovers in the summer of 2011, comprises the manor, the winery, 45 ha of vineyards, several ha of forestland and the landscaping arrangement.

AVINCIS offers unique experiences of wine tourism. On the Vila Dobrușa estate, tourists can book their stay, which includes meals, wine tasting, a tour of the winery and walks through the vineyard. AVINCIS is surrounded by sightseeing objectives, since Vila Dobrușa is in the center of tourist attractions in the region. The old Dobrușa church, the monasteries from Oltenia – Dintr-un lemn, Horezu, Arnota – as well as Culele de la Măldărești, are only some of the beauties in the region.

Facilities: wine tastings, conference room, tennis, basketball, football, breakfast, lunch and dinner, children’s playground, accommodation.

Distance from Bucharest: 220 km

Tastings: from 50 lei/pax